The Forest of Doom

forest of doom

Take part in one of the classic gamebook experiences that introduced a whole generation to fantasy role-playing games!

“Only the foolhardy would risk an encounter with the unknown perils that lurk in the murky depths of Darkwood Forest. Yet there is no alternative, for your quest is a desperate race against time to find the missing pieces of the legendary Hammer of Stonebridge – fashioned by Dwarfs to protect the villagers of Stonebridge against their ancient doom.”

Computer gaming was in its infancy and it was the early days of tabletop RPGs when The Forest of Doom exploded into bookshops in the early 80s, proudly displaying Iain McCaig’s iconic cover.

You can relive the adventures in Darkwood Forest on your phone or tablet, lovingly updated for digital devices. Presented in full colour with realistic physics-based dice rolling for battles, auto-mapping, an auto-updated adventure sheet and stat keeping.

Writer, Ian Livingstone, was one of the co-founders of Games Workshop and has continued to have a distinguished career in both tabletop gaming and video games. He is currently the Life President of Eidos, recently overseeing the release of the latest Tomb Raider game.

Cover artist, Iain McCaig, has an extensive print and film portfolio, and is probably best known for designing Padmé Amidala and Darth Maul for The Phantom Menace!


Get The Forest of Doom for PC, Mac, Linux, Android and a Steam Key! Simply use the Humble Widget below:

The iPhone and iPad versions are available here.


  • Make the gamebook as easy or hard as you like and even turn on a special cheat mode to read it old-school!
  • Atmospheric new visuals which can be turned off to make the gamebook look like it came off the printing press in the 80s!
  • NEW Auto-mapping! Never get lost in Darkwood Forest.
  • Iain McCaig’s famous cover animated and brought to life.
  • Malcolm Barter’s classic illustrations colorised for the app, making full use of high-resolution displays.
  • Fantastic new cover artwork to unlock!
  • Achievements to find throughout the gamebook.

The Forest of Doom has been created using Tin Man Games’ critically acclaimed Gamebook Adventures Engine featuring:

  • Read the book horizontally or vertically on your tablet.
  • An automated Adventure Sheet to keep track of stats and inventory.
  • Realistic physics based dice rolling. Shake your device!
  • Artwork gallery. Find an illustration in the gamebook and be able to access it full-screen forever.
  • Bookmarking system which saves your position in the gamebook, much like putting your fingers between the pages to remember your previous page when reading the paperback!
  • Specially composed soundtrack and sound effects.


Fighting Fantasy

Pocketgamer Review – “Age has done little to dim the power of the book, and its new digital clothing allows it to shine brighter than ever before.” – 9 out of 10! – GOLD AWARD!

148 Apps Review – “It’s the kind of experience that reminds one what fun interactive fiction can be, as well as making the promise of new Fighting Fantasy titles from Tin Man Games soon, all the more exciting.” – 4.5 out of 5! EDITOR’S CHOICE!

Touch Arcade Review – “This is a beautiful, wonderful adaptation of the classic book. It has every bell and whistle you could ask for in terms of making the experience of playing Forest of Doom as enjoyable as possible. If you’re here looking for the book on your iOS device, look no further. This is what you want. If you’re a fan of game books but don’t know this one at all, I give it a hearty recommendation. This is one of the classics of the genre and it has been given the usual royal treatment from the developer.” – 4 out of 5!

Slide to Play Review – “Tin Man Games has done a great job of bringing this classic story to iOS, and for us choose-your-own-adventure geeks it’s great to have on our phones or tablets.” – 4 out of 4!

Giant Fire Breathing Robot Review – “Forest of Doom is definitely worth your time. If you’ve been curious about picking up a Fighting Fantasy gamebook, it’s easily the best place for you to start. Not only does it have the old-school cachet that’s vitally important for pressing your nostalgia buttons, it’s also bloody good fun to play.”

Starburst Magazine Review – “The Forest of Doom brings nothing new to the genre, as it’s a new take on an old book, but that shouldn’t put you off, it’s a lot of fun. The new format really does suit it and is ideal for stealth geeks. If you ever wanted to battle hobgoblins whilst in a boring meeting, then this is for you.” – 8 out of 10!

Pixel Perfect Gaming Review – “…you owe it to yourself to experience The Forest of Doom. Despite being a book for young adults, its dark, ominous atmosphere and mature writing style can be enjoyed by gamers of all ages.” – 5 out of 5!